Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Honda Goldwing GL1800 with Hannigan conversion

We do a lot of Honda Goldwing trikes, but we don't do a lot of the yellow ones. Those who have the yellow Goldwings don't think there is any other color, though. I rather like the yellow myself. If nothing else, they are easy to see. 

This Hannigan conversion has the whale tail, the foot fairings and the steerlite. This conversion is also available with trailer hitch, auxiliary fuel tank, upgraded tires and wheels and a number of other options, 

One fairly new option is Hannigan's "180" front end. This comes with a Michelin 180 Commander tire and the necessary yokes, wheel and fender to fit it on the front of the trike. Michelin claims 25,000 miles for this tire mounted on the rear of a bike. This setup will give you amazing traction and life from your front tire.

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